Recessed Heater Ceiling Mount

Britannia was approached by a customer to review the current design of a metal housing.

The goal was to eliminate the disproportionately large shipping cost of the part as it was shipped both within Australia as well as internationally.

Design Brief

  • Reduce the volume when packed without compromising the function
  • No increase in overall manufacture costs (decrease preferred)
  • Improved installation process for quick and easy assembly (to thus enhance the product reputation)

Design Thoughts

Britannia's design team identified the design items below that could be exploited:

  • The current design was made in 2 parts with a large base and a small frame surround. The SS frame did not use material efficiently.
  • There are 5 components making up the steel backing box, if this could be incorporated into one metal blank sheet folded on Britannia's Salvagnini panel folder potential savings could be achieved
  • The current design is made from 1.0mm material, if the Salvagnini folder could be used, the material thickness may be able to be lowered with an increase in the amount of folds used while on the machine.
  • The base was powder coated, but only external face is seen....could colorbond be a material used in lieu....

The Solution

By extending the fascia and allowing it to telescope from the base only when installed enabled the unit to be packed in a collapsed state.

The use of the Salvagnini and colorbond as the base material reduced the thickness requirement of the unit and the need for powder coating.

This allowed all critical design items to be achieved:

  • Telescoping reduced shipping volume by 50%
  • Extra folding increased strength whilst reducing material cost
  • Lighter and cheaper product that was safer to handle
  • Collapsed packing form required less packing material due to improved rigidity
  • Powder coating was replaced with colorbond materials
  • The redesigned base allowed a redesign of the mounting brackets which Improved installation process
  • Overall price reduction

Another win win outcome.