Precision Sheetmetal

Britannia has been servicing clients for the past 70+ years.

Whether our parts are for medical instruments analysing human blood or prime movers shipping product around Australia. Our task is the same.

Britannia supply world class products and assemblies
to client specification - on time every time.

Our clients rely on us to deliver. Sometimes this means that we need to keep to tolerances 0.1mm or weld to AS 1554, but we pride ourselves on understanding what our clients want and supplying to specification.

The Britannia Experience Factor

When steel is Laser cut with oxygen as the laser assist gas, it cuts faster but leaves a film of carbon on the cut edge.

The use of Nitrogen in laser cutting does not allow a carbon layer to form on the cut edge. If the parts are to be painted or powder coated, this layer needs to be removed.

To prevent this issue for our clients, Britannia laser cut mild steel up to 6mm with Nitrogen. This allows our clients to paint or powder coat their products without the risk of the paint failing to adhere to the metal surface…..a potentially catastrophic and expensive failure.

Review our cases studies to see how our engineering and experience has helped our clients design better products to remain competitive and relevant in both the Australian and international markets.