Below are 2 projects of how we help clients design better products and remain relevant and competitive in Australian and international markets. Remember... "Good designs are simply good business!..."

Good Design Award - Best in Category

Wheel Chair BBQ

Britannia’s client engaged an industrial designer to conceptualise their new product and ready it for manufacture in China thinking Australia was unable to be competitive.

After Chinese samples were received... reviewed... and rejected Britannia offered to re-engineer the original designers concept with the client and their budget. The result was a win/win for all and topped off with a 2016 Good Design award.

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Recessed Heater Ceiling Mount

Britannia’s client had an issue with a low value accessory of their main product and its size and therefore cost when shipped throughout Australia and internationally. The sheer size of the part made shipping expensive, especially when compared to the price of the part.

Britannia offered to assist with the specific aims of minimising the package volume, maintaining the product strength and design integrity whilst maintaining cost competitiveness. The result...

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